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Tanja is crazy about lists! 5 fun and easy decorating tips

14/04/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

If I was 18 again and I had to chose a new occupation, I would be an interior designer. I would love to be surrounded by colours all the time and to see the smile on my clients’ faces once I finish decorating their house.

At home, I like to change things around. If it were up to me, I would redecorate constantly but time and money don’t allow me to do so :)

Here are some of my favourite tricks:

  1. Buy only what you are CRAZY about! The mix of styles will happen naturally. Don’t do matching kits. Think “outside of the box” and surprise yourself with new choices!

  2. Buy an immense area rug. It will make the room so much more inviting. It took me years to realize it. They have great ones at Ikea but you already knew that!

  3. Create a wall of picture frames. Small, big, medium, colourful, black and white, paintings, illustrations, reproduction, drawings...just put it up! Use a section of the wall or the whole wall. This one is perfection to me. I could spend all day in this office and even work overtime just for the ambiance.

  4. Try wallpaper. The designs are so amazing these days! My favourites: neon colours.

  5. Try black as an accent colour. A bowl, a throw pillow, a lamp, a mirror...

Go! You are now ready for a little change in your house. I envy you!