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Tanja is crazy about lists! 5 perfume tips

07/04/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Going by a perfume counter without trying one, impossible!

Leaving the house without putting perfume on, impossible!

Not trying to guess what people are wearing when I pass by them, impossible! 

Yes, I am addicted to perfume. I would buy a new perfume every month but I control myself. I have three at a time: One I use every day, one I wear on special occasions and a lighter one that I wear on the weekends and in the summer. 

A few years ago, I took a fantastic perfume class at the Clarisse Monereau school in Montreal where I learned all about perfume families and how to help my friends find the best perfume for them depending on their style and all kinds of other neat information and tips that would please any perfumista

(the ones I am wearing now: Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James, Not A perfume by Juliette has a Gun, I love love by Moschino) 

  1. Keep your perfume in a cool dark place. Away from the bathroom where we tend to place it. Its original box is the best but I personally hate to take it out every day so I keep it on my dresser, in my bedroom.

    You can keep your perfume for about 2 years before the smell starts changing. 

  2. Spray in on pulse points: behind the ears and inside your wrists (don’t rub). Four sprays are plenty ! When a perfume suits you well, you don’t smell it anymore after those first few minutes, so be careful. We tend to overdo it when we like a perfume ! You can also spray your hair and your clothes (but never on white clothes, leather or fur since it will stain). And if you are looking for more parts of your body to spray, follow Coco Chanel’s advice: “where you want to be kissed!”

  3. Use the right words.

    Saying that a perfume smells “good” does not give it justice. Use these words instead: fresh, musky, fruity, powdery, romantic, feminine, sweet, surprising, earthy, woody, aromatic, green, aquatic, etc. 

  4. Don’t be fooled by the smelling strip to choose a perfume. You have to try it on your skin. That perfume that suits your friend could smell awful on you. You have to be patient when trying new perfumes. Try 2 or 3 each visit (your nose will then be saturated). A signature scent is hard to find so be patient. See it as a treasure hunt. Spring is a wonderful time to reinvent yourself with a new perfume. And make sure to try it a few times before buying it. Perfume is too expensive to buy something that you will not wear. 

  5. Women perfumes are perfect for men! Women’s fragrances are a perfect match for the skin of a man. I had to trick my man to convince him: I bought him a bottle that looked masculine enough to make him believe that it was a man’s perfume. He tried it, loved it and got lots of compliments. It was only when the bottle was empty that I told him the truth ! For those who want to try, it was Versense by Versace. He now regularly wears my perfumes but it’s not an information he likes to share with his buddies.

We have seen a lot of unisex fragrances in the last years. I find it fun to have a perfume that you will both share.