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Tanja is crazy about lists! 5 reasons to read Love X Style X Life

17/03/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Let me introduce you to my new friend: Garance.

I have the impression of knowing her after reading her book Love x Style x Love that feels like a letter / a fashion guide / a personal diary / a travel journal /a collection of illustrations and photos.

I devoured its 255 pages in one night and took notes.

You probably heard of Garance. She is a photographer, illustrator, author and founder of a blog in her name.

She is pretty, funny and her writing style is amazing and spontaneous.

She gives us hundreds of tricks.

Here are 5 of them:

  1. A few essentials for our closet: 

    • pencil skirt
    • pumps
    • white jeans (even in winter)
    • the biker jacket
    • sneakers
    • long coat
    • vintage t-shirt
    • jean jacket
    • ballerinas
    • white men’s shirt
    • V-neck sweater
    • hat
    • mini skirt 

    Which ones do you already have?

    I need to get the biker jacket !

  2. How to shop at Zara:

    • Go often and shop online.
    • The nicest clothes are at the entrance. I had never noticed !
    • If you find a piece you like, buy it right away. It will be gone tomorrow.
    • Don’t buy copies of famous designers. Staying chic is knowing when to resist temptation. Good tip.
  3. Beauty essentials:
    • The red lip
    • The bronzer
    • The manicure
    • The smoky eye. Have to practice that one!
  4. An excerpt that touched me:

    We want love. We want to feel beautiful. We want to be good friends, good partners, good sisters, good daughters. We want to know how to never buy the wrong pair of shoes again. (Sorry to inform you, but you will keep making the shoe mistake until the day you die. So celebrate being alive right now !) We want to feel fulfilled by the work that we do, whatever that work may be. Most of all, we want to find our place in this world. And to be very stylish along the way, of course!

  5. And another one when I doubt myself: Don’t idealize other girls. They are as insecure as you.

Happy reading!