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Tanja is crazy about lists: Be more creative

26/12/2015 Tanja Vaillancourt


5 ways of being more creative even if you already are or if you think you aren’t.

 There are many definitions on creativity but people often associate it with the big world of arts. And it bothers me ! We think that only designers, chefs, actors, dancers, singers have the creativity gene.

We are ALL creative because creativity is the act of creating something new, the capacity of finding original solutions and the desire to modify or change the world. We all fit in that category if we look at different areas of our life.

Younger, I’ve always felt shy to tell someone I was creative. I felt I had nothing to show for it since I was not an accomplished artist. Now, I know that I can be creative by the way I dress or my good ideas at work ; my husband will demonstrate it by the receipes he will invent and his quick humour ; my sons by the way they move, they tell a story or the solutions they find to their brother fights.

Creativity, like any other skill, needs practice and good tricks. Here are five of them: 

  1. Spend time alone. You have to spend time alone in order to let ideas surface and let inspiration come. My best ideas have always come when I was alone and engaged in another activity, often physical, such as swimming or walking. Isabelle tells me that her inspiration often comes when she runs.
  2. Take breaks. When we are too busy doing chores and with the every day buzz, good ideas don’t come as easily. Stop a little!
  3. Keep pens and note-pads all around the house. I often have good ideas but if I don’t write them down, they vanish as easily as I got them. I have not learned my lesson and I have 4 (yes, 4 !!) notebooks scattered around the house, plus two more. I leave them
      • On my night table : The most important spot since my super ideas come when I almost awake (those few minutes before you open my eyes) and the last moments before falling asleep.
      • In the kitchen for everything that is related to recipes and grocery lists.
      • In the living room for when I am inspired by something I see on TV.
      • In my car, to note down what I hear on the radio, whether it is a song I want to listen to again, a cool blog, a quote, a person…
      • In my handbag of course to always be ready just in case, although I admit using my phone now to take notes
  4. Collaborate with other people who are creative or who want to be creative like you. Sounds a bit weird but tell your friends that you want to be more creative. Build, create, do something together. My best work has always been done with others. Even the bad ideas that you will brainstrorm together can lead you to good ideas.
  5. Choose a blue screen on your computer. Research has proven that an easy way to stimulate more creativity is to see blue. Try it!

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