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Tanja is crazy about lists - More colour!

10/12/2015 Tanja Vaillancourt

Tanja is crazy about lists!
5 ways to use colour in your life

Me: Honey, you already came back from your fishing trip???!!! I am painting this wall orange…(a little nervous for the reaction to come …)

Boyfriend: Come on ! Your orange is way too flashy ! (upset)

Me: I need this. It makes me happy. (getting a little defensive)

Boyfriend: Nobody NEEDS a certain colour. (really upset)

Me: Well, I do ! You don’t understand ! (mad now)

This conversation with the man in my life is hardly exaggerated ! He does not understand why I need to paint a wall clementine colour, neither why I bought a shampoo because the bottle was a beautiful turquoise and why the granola bars with the brown writing seem more delicious. He is colour blind I will tell you. Is that why he is less influenced by colour ?


Jean-Gabriel Causse, author of L’étonnant pouvoir des couleurs (the surprising power of colours) is a colour designer (I did not know that profession existed !), explains my need for bright colours but mainly how to use them to our advantage. Colours influence us in many fields such as concentration, health, food, mood, creativity and many others.

Here are 5 of my favourite quick tips that you can integrate in your life right away: 

  1. Open those blinds and curtains. We feel happier in a house that is bathed in natural light. 
  2. Wear red if you want to be perceived like a natural leader. 
  3. At the office, opt for an orange wall. It will make your space more inviting and it encourages expresssion. 
  4. If you are a teacher, correct in green. It is less discouraging than red. It is the colour of hope.
  5. And the most intriguing for last: Paint your room predominantly purple and you will have more sexual activity! Humm. Really?

You want to know more about this fascinating world? Buy his book! (You need to read French.) Isabelle lent it to me last year and I was charmed from the get-go by its intense blue colour and fun format. It really reads like a novel.