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Tanja is crazy about lists: No list to start the year!

31/12/2015 Tanja Vaillancourt

(I love seeing this empty list! Makes me feel good. Ahhh…)

I love spahetti but when I eat too much of it, I can get bored.

I love writing lists but when I overdo it, I stop writing them for a while.

And when the new year starts, I don’t write a resolution list anymore.

You already know the reason why I stopped writing it but here it is anyways:

On my list (that I would post on my bedroom wall so I could see it every day) would appear two types of resolutions :

  1. The things that did not really need to be there. More of a list of things that I wanted to get done or things that I wanted to do more of (get a new haircut for example or walk more every day) ;
  2. And of course, the things that I did not really feel like doing or the things I can never manage to do (like eat slowly and shop less).

I always had too much in my first category which would have a toll on me because even too many of the fun things can get stressful. But mainly, I wanted to stop feeling guilty for all the things that I could not accomplish in category 2.

I had to find another technique. Now, I look for a GUIDING word. A word that I NEED instead of things I have to do. A word my soul needs.

One year, I chose balance because I was working too much. The year after, I chose my husband’s name because our relationship needed some care. Last year, I chose the word health. This year, I am hesitating between three : decision – now – laughter.

What will your word be for 2016?

PS : If you still like doing the resolution list, call it the January list. That way, you can reevaluate every month if this is what you really want and need to be happy.