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Tanja is crazy about lists!

03/12/2015 Tanja Vaillancourt

Many many reasons to love lists
and many many lists to come

Welcome to — a place to get inspired about almost anything, and welcome to Tanja Is Crazy About Lists. I will meet you here once a week with a special list because I am just crazy about lists!

List-making is very popular in Japan. The Japanese see it as a way of tracking their lives. They write what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel. They say that after ten years of practice, list-making brings them immense joy. This type of journaling is a treasure in their lives.

I love lists myself because I find them to be a fun way to write. They are short, yet give you so much information! You can make them about any topic you want.

Why should we write lists?
  1. To discover who you are and what you want out of life
  2. To remember your life
  3. To enjoy your life more by writing about it
  4. To help you prioritize
  5. Because it’s fun to cross items off
Where to start if you like the idea?

I am crazy about lists. Crazy in a good way. I even have lists of lists I can write about!

Grab a pen and a cool notebook (or many) and just start. Five items per list seems perfect to me. You can start with the classics (grocery list, shopping list, to-do list, bucket list, etc.) and here are more:

  • Favourite clothes
  • Places you want to visit
  • Hobbies you have or want to have
  • What you put in a suitcase for Mexico
  • What you do on weekends
  • The best gifts you have received
  • What you have in your purse
  • People you love
  • Songs you love
  • Most important moments in your life
  • Summer activities
  • What you want to be remembered for
  • When you are not at home, you miss...
  • Books you read, are reading and want to read
  • Favourite snacks
  • Favourite dance songs
  • What you wish for secretly
  • Favourite restaurants
  • Your best qualities
  • Your weaknesses
  • Smells you like
  • Wonderful moments in your life
  • What you loved during your last trip
  • Sports you like to practice
  • Jobs that interest you
  • What you inherited from your parents
  • Favourite traditions
  • What you don’t like
  • Things you you like
  • What you love about your job
  • What you used to do as a child
  • Favourite heroes
  • What would you save if your house burned
  • Websites you like
  • Things that scare you
  • What you would do if you were a millionaire
  • Your resolutions for next year
  • Things you procrastinate
  • Things people don’t know about you
  • What would you bring to a deserted island
  • Names you like
  • What you love about summer
  • Favourite movies
  • Favourite quotes
  • Favourite colours
  • Favourite foods
  • Favourite desserts
  • What excites you
  • Elements of an ideal day
  • Things you wouldn’t do…


Some of my favourite lists to write:
  1. Once a day:
    • 5 things I am grateful for
  2. Once a week:
    • I find 5 endings to this sentence : I would like to …
  3. Once a month:
    • Clothes I want to buy
  4. Once a year:
    • I ask 5 questions to my children every year and and keep in a special notebook. The questions are:
      1. When I am older I want to be…
      2. My favourite  toy is…
      3. The most important thing in my life is…
      4. My favourite food is…
      5. My favourite sport is…
      6. My favourite subject at school is…
      The questions can be endless. My kids enjoy this little interview.
    • A picture list. I choose one picture of myself per year that I keep in another special journal. I like to see how I am changing. I am sure that it’s a journal I will cherish when I’m older.
Any books I recommend?

I am so crazy about lists that I even have books about them! Here are 5 great ones:

A last list for the road!

Since I can’t stop myself, here are some more lists to try...

  1. 5 new words to learn
  2. 5 words that are hard to spell
  3. 5 synonyms of “love”
  4. 5 words in another language
  5. 5 words about something you are passionate about

I’ll see you back here once a week to share a great list that I hope will inspire you to write your own.

Till next week…