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The 5 lipsticks you should have

04/12/2017 Tanja Vaillancourt

Tanja is crazy about lists!

5 lipsticks or glosses you need to have in your purse

Lipstick is super important in my life. I don’t leave the house without it. I even have to wear lipstick when I try on clothes. I wear it all the time, even at home ! With lipstick, I feel much prettier. My children wildly disagree saying that I am much nicer « au naturel » but that is besides the point.

When I look at all the pictures of me, what I see is lipstick! I am known at the office for the « lipstick girl» and I have created a wave of women wearing more bright lipstick at work.

When I need a cheap little picker-upper the first thing I will buy is a new lipstick. My kind of purchase even has a name: the lipstick effect. Even in an economic crisis women continue buying cosmetics. It is a way to forget about every day problems.

I learned, after spending too much money on lipsticks I never wore, that it is essential to try the lipstick beforehand. Don’t do blind purchases. The kind ladies at the counter will desinfect the lipstick or offer you a tiny little brush to try it on. The nicest lipsticks I have are the ones that were suggested to me.

Here are my three criteria:

  1. It has to taste good (I know we don’t eat, but…)
  2. It needs a little shine
  3. 20$ max
  1. A pink gloss. A pale shade of pink is nice on EVERY WOMAN. I don’t like to give out brand names because we all have our favourites mais I cannot stop myself for strongly recommending this one that has great shine and stay.
  2. A nude gloss. It will go with whatever you are wearing and will give you a healthy glow without looking too made-up! I like that!
  3. A true red. I admit, it is the hardest colour to find. The best red will change from woman to woman depending on the colour of her skin, hair and even teeth. It will more have more orange tones or blue tones. Once found, it will be great for those days where you feel more daring or sexy.
  4. The « it » colour of the moment. Last year, I wore fushia almost every day and this year, I will be wearing bordeaux.
  5. And of course, a lip balm, for winter mostly. Choose one with a hint of colour!

Happy shopping!

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