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The best gift for mom this Mother’s Day

03/05/2017 Jennifer Braun

Pascale Thérien

It wasn’t until I moved away from home to pursue my studies in another city that I really started to fully appreciate my mom. I was in my early twenties and clinged tightly to my title as Miss Independent. When I moved to Toronto, I wouldn’t miss anyone or need anyone. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Coincidently, around the same time, my dear friend was losing her mom; Ovarian cancer. Life didn’t care if she still needed her mom like I needed mine...

When Pascale Thérien from Studio La Luz Portraits invited me to her studio for a mother-daughter photoshoot, one of her specialties, I knew I had to make the time to go with my mom when I would be back in town. Ahead of Mother’s Day, I thought it would make a great gift, not so much for the photos, but for the outing itself; A mother-daughter day where we could spend time together over makeup and clothes, how perfect.

Between school, work and my twenty-something social life, time is something I rarely give to her. Even ahead of Mother’s Day, it’s something that I struggled to coordinate and give, but I’m so happy and thankful that I did. I think her smile in these photos says it all.

Pascale Thérien

If you are interested in gifting your mom a real special gift this Mother’s Day, here’s what to expect from a mother-daughter photoshoot with Studio La Luz Portraits:


Pascale Thérien

The mother-daughter photoshoot fun begins even before you make it to Studio La Luz Portraits. Prior to the photoshoot, you’ll want to coordinate outfits with your mom and put together three different looks. We chose a mix of casual and glamour looks that were guided by the advice of Pascale who helpfully provided tips over the phone for what clothes look best on camera. For hours, my mom and I rummaged through each other's closets to pick and choose our best outfits. To no one’s surprise, we arrived at the photoshoot with way more clothes and accessories than necessary.

Camera ready?

At Studio La Luz Portraits, Pascale warmly welcomed us and we immediately began talking about the good stuff: Clothes and makeup! We took a quick “before” photo and then my mom went into makeup with beauty magician Virginie Vandelac. At this point, my mom hesitantly started to ask a lot of questions and I began to get nervous that my traditional mother wouldn’t enjoy the modern makeup and photoshoot experience as I had hoped. But to my surprise, Virginie’s makeup magic was followed by a lot of “wooww”, “oh my god” and “you’re amazing” comments. My mom really did look beautiful and she felt it too. With both of our hair and makeup done, we spent a lot of time in admiration for each other. I really am my mother’s daughter.

Pascale Thérien

Strike a pose!

Following clothes, hair and makeup, the photoshoot really began. My mom and I awkwardly posed, while Pascale guided us with words of encouragement and posing tips. “Smile with your eyes”, “chin up”, and “you look gorgeous”, Pascale said from behind the camera. We smiled, we complemented and we laughed a lot. By the end of the photo session, my mom and I were model pros ready for our next close-up. But of course, time eventually slipped away from us and our mother-daughter day came to an end. Though post photoshoot, we took advantage of our good hair and makeup to go out for supper, extending our time together just a little longer.


Pascale Thérien

Pascale Thérien

It would be a couple of weeks before we would see the finish product of our mother-daughter day, but my mom asked me several times when the photos would be ready following the shoot. I could tell, the excitement from the day was still lingering. When we finally saw the photos, we couldn’t have been more impressed! We looked great, but most importantly, we also had a souvenir from a fun and memorable day. Mother’s Day 2017 would not soon be forgotten. We looked over the photos for hours, discussing which ones were our favourites. We still can’t decide.

Now, I’m heading back to Toronto and I’m not yet sure when I’ll be coming back home. It won’t be on time for May 14, Mother’s Day, that’s for sure. As I prepare to leave, my mom again tells me that we didn’t spend enough time together while I was home and that she didn’t get the chance to see me enough, reminding me that for mom, time means everything and there can never be too much of it.

Meanwhile, my friend will watch a second Mother’s Day come and go without her mom. Time got away, but I know she has great memories that she cherishes like the one I now have from this special day.

Interested in gifting your mom a photo session as a Mother’s Day gift? Mention PICOUM and be offered the session fee! Contact Pascale to learn more about package deals and more.