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This sporty chic jumpsuit will take you everywhere this summer

13/04/2017 Jennifer Braun

Everyone should have a go-to piece that they can easily dress up or down, and wear just about anywhere. For the last two years, my go-to item has been a romper by Bodybag by Jude that I absolutely swear by. See below a picture of me wearing it while playing tourist in San Diego last summer and another photo of me wearing it before leaving the house to catch some fashion shows at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Pretty diverse, right?

This season, I’m convinced that the Tank Jumpsuit by L Fashion Overload will become my new go-to item. Its chic cut and sporty attitude makes it an easy piece to wear to a variety of occasions. Wear it with a pair of heels and a blazer for an evening out or with a pair of sneakers and a jean jacket for a more casual look.

Peep the looks below to get inspired and discover two ways to wear this jumpsuit:

To a BBQ

This summer when your friends call you over for an impromptu BBQ, the Tank Jumpsuit will be an obvious go-to. Give it a little bit of edge by pairing it with trendy accessories like this multiwrap necklace with stainless steel chains and suede detailing. For those chilly evenings, be sure to grab a jean jacket to throw over your shoulders. Finally, complete your look with some summer essentials like a new pair of sunglasses and a straw fedora.

To the mall

When last minute trips to the mall are in order, the Tank Jumpsuit is a great option to help get you out the door fast. Dress it up with some chic accessories like a double wrap choker necklace and a wrap bracelet in a fun khaki green. Forget time for make-up and reach for this trendy baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses instead. Now, you’re running errands the celebrity way!