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7 classic cocktail recipes for summer

01/08/2017 Jennifer Braun

Summer is flying by, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy some light and refreshing cocktails. To get you inspired, try any of these classic cocktail recipe ideas courtesy of the SAQ

  1. Bloody Caeser

    SAQ pro tip: For a trendy cocktail, swap your highball glass for a mason jar and garnish with a vegetable skewer rather than the more traditional celery stalk. Get the recipe HERE.

  2. Amaretto sour

    SAQ pro tip: For something a little different, try using 30 ml (1 oz.) of Rose’s Lime Cordial instead of the lemon juice and sugar. Get the recipe HERE.

  3. Apple Martini

    SAQ pro tip: For a sour version of the Apple Martini, try using 60 ml (2 oz.) of sour apple liqueur instead of the apple juice and apple beverage. Get the recipe HERE

  4. Banana Daiquiri

    SAQ pro tip: For something a little different, try using citrus-flavoured rum instead of white rum.Get the recipe HERE.

  5. Cosmopolitan

    SAQ pro tip: For a Cosmo with character, replace the cranberry juice with 10 ml of cranberry syrup.Get the recip HERE.

  6. Long island iced tea

    SAQ pro tip: Give this drink a little extra consistency by adding an egg white. You can make it more refreshing by adding a little extra cola. Get the recipe HERE.

  7. Blue Lagoon

    SAQ pro tip: Add lemon-lime soda to this recipe to obtain a Blue Lagoon Highball, which has a sweeter taste.Get the recipe HERE.