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Top 5 finds at Ikea

16/09/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Could you live without Ikea? Not me.

I’ll never forget, It was the first place I wanted to go to after my pregnancy. I could barely walk after my C-section, but I knew the decor found in each room at Ikea would help me forget the pain.

I also love their catalog! It reminds me of the Sears catalog I would look at for hours when I was younger.

If you missed their great ad last year, here it is again.

I could suggest a thousand items that I love (no exaggeration), but I will start with these top five Ikea finds:

  1. Bamboo Lamp

    Bamboo is the trend this year and this Bamboo lamp is the perfect item to try out the trend.

  2. Serving tray

    I use this serving tray to serve fruits and for breakfasts in bed. Only when my husband isn’t there though - he hates the idea of crumbs in bed!

  3. A yellow clock

    This flashy yellow clock will give your room an instant lift!

  4. Printed cabinets or cupboards

    You can never have enough storage space and this tie-dye kitchen front is so original.

  5. An adjustable working station

    You can easily adjust the height of this desk so you can work sitting down or standing up. I already bought it!