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Trend Alert: Ear styling is all the new rage

30/05/2017 Jennifer Braun

Last week, I went to the Hudson’s Bay in Toronto to get my ear styled. Yes, you read that right; My EAR was styled.

Even as someone who is heavily involved in the fashion industry, I had no idea that ear styling was actually a thing. But when I heard that jeweller and piercing specialist Maria Tash was making her way to Canada for a limited time, I could not pass up on the opportunity.

Maria Tash has become well-known for her ear-styling look and services, which normally feature multiple earrings worn across the ear. The Maria Tash team are experts at knowing which jewellry looks best where and on who.

The New York-based label offers a line of fine jewellery, ranging from $75 to $5,500, as well as piercing and styling services. The collection focuses on specialty ear lobe/ear cartilage studs and small rings with clever closures and decorative backings as well as fine nostril, septum, navel and finger rings. The service is hugely popular among celebrities. In fact, Maria tash counts celebrities like Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, and FKA Twigs, to name a few, among her clients.

So, what exactly does ear styling entail? During my own ear styling adventure at the Hudson’s Bay Queen Street location, a member from the Maria Tash team, Elana, took a quick look at my left ear in order to recommend different earrings that would look best on it. I was happy to learn that I have “great” ears and that they are very asymmetrical (thanks!).

All jokes aside, I really did appreciate Elana’s ear styling recommendations and though I wasn’t ready to take the plunge and actually get pierced last week, I was very tempted.

Maria Tash’s line of jewellry is very chic and will definitely give your look a little edge.

A Maria Tash pop up shop will open at the Hudson’s Bay downtown Montreal location on June 1 to the 11, and will later head to downtown Vancouver from June 22 to July 2.

Will you be getting your ear styled? Comment below and let us know!