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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for HER

23/01/2017 Isabelle Racicot


To be honest, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that I celebrate in particular. Maybe it’s because I’m not the romantic type, but I’ve never felt the need to do something majestic come February 14. For my husband who happens to have a more romantic side, I’ve learnt throughout the years that a small gift and a card is the best way to mark the occasion, and remind him of my love and commitment.

For you to remind the good woman in your life of your love and commitment, here are some gift ideas to mark this international day of love with something other than chocolate and flowers:

A day for her or a day for two


This Valentine’s Day, why not offer the woman in your life the chance to get some much deserved rest? I suggest you offer her a massage or beauty treatment package, or the Thermal Experience package at SKYSPA. Only few women don’t appreciate this type of attention! In fact, I love this spa so much, I became a brand ambassador. Better yet, buy a spa package for two and enjoy the experience together.

Scented candles


There’s something so romantic about offering scented candles to your significant other. Use them during a romantic dinner for two, In the bathroom or in the bedroom. A couple of my favourite candles include the Chalet candle by Etiket and the Perfecto candle by Ruby Oriental.

Always classic


Women will always appreciate jewelry. A word of advice: look at what your significant other wears and doesn’t wear, and then choose wisely. If she doesn’t wear chunky rings, don’t go ahead and buy her one, but instead opt for something that’s her style. If you’re still not sure, I say you can’t go wrong with this classic silver necklace with a micro pave cubic zirconia bar or this silver necklace with a small round metal bead. Finally, there’s also this necklace with a cute heart shaped pendant.

The most romantic


If there’s a poet living inside of you, get a new notepad or notebook and write a love note for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. She will simply love the gesture!

Happy valentine's!