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Video: Fashion advice from celebrity stylist Law Roach

24/08/2016 Isabelle Racicot

Celine Dion recently made a tour stop in Montreal where I took the time to meet with the man behind her new fashion style - Law Roach.

The celebrity stylist has been working with Celine for a short period, but their collaboration has already garnered a lot of attention from the fashion world.

“He brought me out of my closet and now flowers are growing,” Celine recently told Entertainment Tonight about Law. 

Backstage at the Bell Center in Montreal, in a pop-up dressing room filled with Celine’s amazing shoes and beautiful clothes, I chatted with Law about his humble begins and of course, asked him for his best style advice : 

Law, I loved this instagram post full of gratitude. Where do you come from?

I grew up in the south side of Chicago. I came through very humble beginnings. It’s just so amazing when I sit back and look at how far fashion has taken me. I always have to be very honest in interviews when people ask me if it was a dream to dress Celine Dion: It wasn’t a dream I had even dreamt yet.

What was the turning point in your career?

My trajectory has been so fast. I haven’t stopped working in the last four years so I don’t even know if I realize when the turning point happened. I’ve been blessed to work with some beautiful and talented women like Ariana Grande, Zendaya and Ruby Rose. It’s just been an ongoing thing. I don’t have time to pay attention to that. It’s just life and it just keeps on going.

Are you surprised that Celine is now an even bigger fashion Icon than before?

This is the honest truth: I never ever think about what’s going to happen after the look. I get fed emotionally and professionally from getting women to look and feel beautiful. When I do that, I can see it on their faces and they tell me how much they love a look and how much they appreciate it. That’s my food. That’s my energy. So when something else happens on top of that, it’s just icing on the cake. I think Celine and I made some amazing choices in Paris and I think it’s great that people appreciated it and talked about it. It’s almost as if Celine had this rebirth and now, a generation who didn’t know her or her sense of style are becoming subscribers. It’s great. I didn’t set out to do that. I set out to make her happy.

How do you work together? I know some stylists work with Lookbooks that they present to the stars they work with.

I don’t work like that at all. I am very emotional and I think that Celine mentioned that in an interview - I am very passionate. I don’t want to sound crazy, but it’s almost like the clothes speak to me. I’ll take Paris for example, whether it was for a show or something else, she would come down in the dressing room and the decision was made right there on the spot. It’s not preplanned. It’s often about how I feel that day and about what Celine’s energy is. She’ll come in and I will say, her energy is green today. So it was the green Gucci dress, monochromatic look that we did. Everything is emotional.

Most of us can only afford one luxury shoe in a lifetime. Which one should we buy?

Buy the Christian Louboutin Simple Pump. The shape is the most durable and interactive pair you can buy. You can wear it with a dress, a gown, shorts, jeans and a t-shirt. It’s the shoe to have.

Same thing, if we can only afford one luxury bag. Where should we invest?

Every woman in the world deserves a Classic Chanel 2.55 flap. It’s timeless. It’s been around for 50 years. It’s not going anywhere. It’s the ultimate piece of luxury!

Women often ask me how can they find their own style. What’s your best advice for them?

The most important thing is to tell them to try on the piece of clothing they are looking at. Often, they will listen to people like me who have this big opinion about what a woman should wear and how a woman should look, but at the end of the day, if you go in a store and you try it on and you love it - buy it ! You should have it and own it, no matter what other people say if it brings you joy. And even if you leave and you still can’t stop thinking about it, it’s yours. Go back and get it.