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03/12/2015 Isabelle Racicot

Why Picoum?

Picoum is a name that I invented when I was about 2 years of age. My grandfather thought it was amusing and started calling me Picoum, « How’s my little Picoum? » That nickname remained with me all my life. My grandfather Roland, who was an entrepreneur, loved to travel and passed that passion on to me; moreover, he taught me the importance of taking time to enjoy life.

This website Picoum is created and maintained by a dedicated team to share with you some of our favorite passions and to allow you to discover and shop for new products. On Picoum we recommend places to go, recipes to try and highlight the stories of people who inspire us. Hopefully, you will also share with us some of your best discoveries. #Picoum

Who is B2Rev?

B2Rev is a dynamic company with the mission to create online success for local and international businesses within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. B2Rev uses a new business concept but its founding partners each have over a decade of experience in ecommerce and affiliate marketing and an extensive network of influential contacts.

This website is owned and operated by B2Rev.

With its unique approach, B2Rev is a diligent and dedicated company that oversees the maintenance and improvement of its clients’ and affiliates’ branding. B2Rev is a great partner that can offer a strong, efficient and diversified approach to your future marketing efforts.