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What we are grateful for

10/10/2016 Isabelle Racicot

This year, the Picoum team wants to share with you what they are gratful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Isabelle Racicot

This year, a lot of people around me had health issues - adults and kids - sickness didn’t discriminate! So, I am especially grateful to be alive and healthy. Most importantly, that my kids and husband are too. I am also grateful for my new Picoum team. Thanks to this new project, I met some amazing, talented and passionate people who make working on a daily basis fun, and full of surprises. Finally, I am grateful for you guys. Thank you for your visits to this website and thank you for your trust. Believe me, I don’t take it for granted!

Jennifer Braun - Editor

This year, I am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have opened up for me. I’m very thankful for the chance I have to attend the school and the program of my choosing as well as to work in an industry that truly pleases me. Change can be scary, but there’s also a lot to appreciate in the changes that we face. All these opportunities wouldn’t be as fulfilling if it wasn’t for the great friends, family and colleagues I get to share them with. I’m grateful to be so well surrounded with happy and healthy people.

Brent Hetherington - Director, Affiliate Management

I’m grateful I have such a loving family and boyfriend. They keep me grounded.

Tanesh Bhardwaj - Information technology

One word can sum up what I am grateful for: People.

The people around me define who I am and what I do. My family, my friends and my colleagues are why I am thankful. My family has supported me throughout the years and now that I have a family of my own, I pass that same love and support on to them. They will continue the same journey for generations to come. Growing up, I never had an extended family close by so my friends became my extended family. They are like my cousins or even brothers, and sisters. These memories define who I am and the joy, and happiness we share will be a part of me forever. My colleagues give me a reason to work as hard as I do. We choose what we work on and with who, and I would not be doing anything else. To have mutual pride in a project and to work towards a common goal is motivating and inspiring.

Bianca Lessard - VP Marketing

I am grateful to be healthy and surrounded by positive people who fill my life with love and humour. Every moment, even the more difficult ones, have become a good memory because of their presence.

I’m also grateful to have enough money for my family to live comfortably, to be able to travel, and to have plenty of food on my table to share with those I love during many gatherings.

Finally, I say a big thank you to life, for the chance to work in a happy environment, which is creative and above all, respectful.

Picoum is an adventure filled with surprises that you greatly contribute to. Thank you.

Erik Schannen - VP Technology

I’m grateful for the beauty and diversity of nature. I was very excited to have a close encounter with my favorite animal, the slow loris (a small nocturnal primate indigenous in Southeast Asia), at a market in Thailand this past January.

Eric Johnson - President

I am grateful for all of the experiences that life brings! I believe that we are the sum of all of our life experiences. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel all over the world with family, with friends, and sometimes just by myself. I live in an amazing city that is the most diverse city in the world (Toronto). I love to explore the world and discover the culture and history of the people I see every day as well as to understand where they come from and what makes them unique. Find excuses to travel, walk off the beaten path, and experience the world. Bring a friend!

Anais Maillard - SEO coordinator

I could not be more grateful to be surrounded by such kind hearted individuals. My family, my friends, my colleagues, inspire me and allow me to accomplish the many activities that make up my daily life.

Thank you to my Picoum colleagues, for making every week enjoyable with your humour, confidence and kindness.

And finally, thank you to life for ensuring that all the people around me are safe and healthy and that there continues to be such love between us all.

Now YOU tell us what you are grateful for.