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Which celebrity would you like to have over for dinner?

01/12/2017 Tanja Vaillancourt

Oprah recently asked this question to one of her guests: “Which celebrity would you like most to have over for dinner?” It got me thinking about who I would like to invite.

It’s a trivial question. I will propably never have the chance to actually invite these people to my house, but I like to think that our guest selection and the questions we would like to ask say a lot about who we are, and where we are at this point in our life.

Here are a variety of idols that I would invite and the questions I would ask them: 

  1. Artist : Tania Savoie Girard

    I discovered a painting by Tania Savoie Girard in a decorating magazine and I immediately fell in love with her modern, and original feel. I have always loved abstract art because it is accessible. Art must speak to us and touch us. When I see her art, I feel happy. The colours she uses are so joyful!

    I would ask her: Where do you find your inspiration? At what time of the day do you create the most?

  2. Education : Dave Burgess

    Dave Burgess’s book Teach Like a Pirate is a bestseller in the United States . It changed the way I see teaching. I recommend his approach to anyone who has the pleasure of leading groups. It shares a variety of ideas to keep people's attention and is a gold mine for any teacher or workshop leader.

    I would ask him: How do you keep your passion so alive day after day? How do you deal with difficult students? 

  3. Gastronomy : Alex Atala

    A few weeks ago , I binge-watched the Chef's Table series on Netflix.

    The series allows us to discover the life story of famous chefs from around the world, and is very well filmed. I probably cried in every episode, touched by the beauty of the food and the passion these artists have for food. I find myself seeing my kitchen ritual differently since watching it. Alex Atala cooks with ingredients from the Brazilian jungle and his restaurant is one of the top ten in the world.

    You can find his story here.

    I would ask him: Can you cook with me for a day and share your favourite recipe? Better yet, can I spend a day in the jungle with you and get Portuguese classes at the same time?

  4. Sales : Fredrik Eklund

    Fredrik Eklund is Swedish and made it big in New-York. You may not have a business, but Eklund gives you all the tricks to sell yourself! You might have seen his funny face in Million Dollar Listing. He is one of the richest real estate agents in the world.

    I would ask him: What are your tips for being so spontaneous and funny all the time? Where do you get this energy ? 

  5. Writing : David Foenkinos

    Amélie Nothomb and Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt have been my favourite authors for many years and a new name was just added to my list: David Foenkinos. He describes the human complexity beautifully. He writes the kind of sentences I want to jot down in a notebook so I can reread them again. I have read two of his novels (that inspired movies): The Delicacy and Memories . I promised myself that I would read his other novels soon.

    I would ask him: What's your writing ritual? As a man, how do you describe the inner life of a woman so well? And who inspires you?