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Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas

05/01/2017 Jennifer Braun

It’s currently cold in most Canadian cities, but that’s all the more reason to crank up the heat on your winter romance. This winter, don’t ditch date night. Instead, be prepared with some date night outfit ideas that will keep you warm and cozy.

Get ready to brave the cold in any of these winter date night outfit ideas:

Dinner date

It’s cold outside, but fortunately dinner and a movie is a safe bet for a fun night that doesn’t require your significant other to battle the cold. Master winter date night dressing with this chic and trendy straight cut jacket. Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and this luxurious tunic for a date night look that is as comfortable as it is chic. Finally, don’t forget your date night and cold weather accessories like these dangling earrings and a pair of knitted gloves adorned with a detachable fur.

Skating date

On those milder winter nights, brave the cold and take your date to the park for a skating date. Look trendy and practical in this wool wrap coat that is guaranteed to keep you warm. Wear it with a pair of black Yoga Jeans that are uber stretchy so you can show off your moves on the ice. Complete your date night outfit with some stylish accessories like this long chain necklace and a beret, and you’ll be ready for a fun evening.