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Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift

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Inspired by dermatological procedures, this Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift is a genuine form of intervention for a “new skin effect” and instant rejuvenation (glow, smoothing/lifting effect, even complexion and skin texture). By removing the dead cells from your skin, it incredibly increases the effectiveness of daily skin care products.

The Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift is an ultra-gentle exfoliant due to the biodegradable spherical microbeads that do not damage the skin.

All Skin Types – Fragrance Free – Paraben Free


Use the Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift at least twice a week. Apply the product in a thick layer on the skin and gently massage (mechanical peeling with spherical micro-beads). Then leave on between 2 and 5 minutes (enzyme peeling action) and rinse your face with water.

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