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Collagene SN-8 Deep Wrinkles

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A unique concentrate formulated of collagen and powerful peptides (10% SNAP-8 + dipeptide-1) which instantly neutralizes the appearance of expression lines and cutaneous sensibility. The perfect skin care alternative to cosmetic injections and the expert care for deep wrinkles.

Hypoallergenic – Fragrance Free – Paraben Free – All Skin Types and Suitable for Sensitive Skin



On clean skin, before any cream, apply 1-4 drops on face, neck and décolleté or directly on targeted wrinkles, morning and evening.

For a stronger “relaxing effect”, repeat local applications on targeted wrinkles.


Apply several drops of one or more concentrates depending on your targeted problem. At any time, you can modify your beauty routine as needed in response to the seasons or to a targeted problem by choosing or simply adding a new concentrate.

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