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Hydra-Seal Healthy Glow Moisurizing Cream

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Hydra-Seal Healthy-Glow (50 ml) is an integral long-acting moisturizing cream with progressive tanning that offers a unique approach on the market by targeting the 3 mechanisms of hydration: the supply retention and distribution of water molecules to different layers of the epidermis.

It locks in hydration, maximizes the effectiveness of other products used and provides a shield effect to protect skin against external aggressive elements. It delivers a gradual and natural, streak-free glow suitable for all skin tones.

  • With 14% moisturizing and bronzing ingredients, Hydra-Seal Healthy Glow maintains a protective barrier on the skin against external attacks and to moisturize on all levels.
  • Its hypoallergenic formula provides elasticity and comfort to skin in addition to a gradual natural tan.
  • It is non-tinted and suits all skin types, skin tones and ages.
  • Hydra-Seal Healthy Glow is just the right product all year long. With this product you will extend summer’s positive aspects, without burdening the bad.
  • You will moisturize your skin so that it is prepared for the cold and dryness in fall and winter, while keeping a healthy and radiant glow. Watch the video.

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